Thursday, February 9, 2012

What my Four Year Old Daughter Loves to Do

I am thankful my daughter is enrolled this year. As a nursery she now knows how to write the alphabet and numbers. Aside from reciting poems and songs, it’s nice to know she is enjoying school so much. She loves to write and draw. Now she prefers to receive colors, pens, papers and coloring books instead of toys. But she still loves to play with her cousins sometimes forgetting about her assignments and exams and I just let her be. After all it is still too early to push her to study hard. I want her to enjoy her childhood.

Sometimes she would just watch her CDs on her portable dvd and when she gets bored she would play angry birds, plants vs zombies, hamsterball and feeding frenzy in my laptop. She knows how to unlock the laptop and key in the correct password. She loves to watch videos of BubbleGang in youtube and takes pride in saying to her cousin that she now has a facebook account even if she doesn’t. I told her she would have her own facebook account if she knows how to memorize passwords.

I know sometime soon she would learn to browse online and start learning about or anything about cars, that’s what she has been asking from me time and again – that I need to have a car to bring her and her cousin everywhere.


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