Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yena's 7th Birthday

We started prepping up for yena's 7th birthday last week of december. I know that's a bit late, but since i have all the contacts of suppliers/party needs i think the time frame is kinda ok. My blogging friend Kaye, helped me with the design of her tarpaulin and invitation cards;
My blogging friend Fedhz printed the invitations and was the official photographer together with Pehpot. 

We got her Elsa gown from 168 mall in divisoria;
 Ordered her cake from Uno's 

The kids had so much fun and most of all the birthday girl was so happy. She enjoyed the messages from friends/ relatives on her 7 balloons, 7 candles and  7 gifts. On the 7 roses, his daddy lifted her while they dance. That was one heartfelt moment we will treasure forever. 

She shared what she wished before blowing the candle and said, she wants her 8th bjrthday to be as grand as her 7th. 
Our photobooth family picture!! Smileee

Oh her birthday wish. if only i can grant her that or make a grander celebration or bring her to disneyland. Now i need to get to work and grant her wish. I love you so much ate! Happy birthday anak ko. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yena's first cellphone

Husband had to buy a new phone since he gave me his iphone (coz i lost mine last October) and since the postpaid plan from Globe has a free Huawei cellphone we gave it to Yena. Coz she has been asking for a touchscreen phone to play pou or candy crush. 
Though she cannot bring it at school, she uses it to send SMS to her daddy and me when at home. Plus she finally had her facebook account, since she loves to click like to her cousins pictures at facebook. Oh, at six she is really growing bigger everyday. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yena the Poser

Now that is her most favorite pose! My little yena is growing up sooo fast!!!

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