Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yena's Nursery Graduation

We won’t miss it for anything in the world, so husband and I took a leave from work to be with Yena on her Nursery Graduation last Friday.

Proud dad walked her to the stage as the emcee called her name while I photograph every moment of the ceremony.
While her Tita Peng, cousin Nea, Baby Yani and my mother watched proudly at the side line.
Yena and the girls formation at the ceremony.

And as her name was called for the third honor of the nursery class, her daddy got up the stage and put her medal around her neck.
She shared the third spot to her cousin Yael. Here's preparing for their intermission number.
Smiling proudly while holding her certificate!
family picture after the graduation ceremony
daddy and yani
As a surprise, the teacher had the children and parents lined up for a quick moment at the stage. Yena gave me a flower that i would cherish forever.


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