Monday, March 26, 2012

What you should never do for your children

There are three things you should never do for your children to help them grow up independent and dependable citizens of this world. Here are the three things that you should never do for your children:

  1. NEVER do their homework – help them get the gist of the assignment as a whole but do not do the assignment per se. help them understand how and what to and let them do the homework on their own. You can check it out from time to time but be firm on the rule – do not do their homework.

  2. NEVER speak for them – this teaches the child to speak their mind and be heard. No matter how shy they maybe, encourage them to speak and be heard. This will give them confidence and will boast their speaking ability.

  3. NEVER choose their friends – as much as we want our kids to make friends with our BFFs we cannot force them to adore our BFF’s children. Let them choose their friends however make sure they mingle with sensible kids.

Will link here the full article in a while. forgot to bookmark it :( sigh.


kimmy March 26, 2012 at 7:37 PM  

hmmm.. maybe i should give myself a pat in the back because i NEVER did any of these.. :D

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