Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yena June 2011 Stories

First movie at the cinema

Husband and I brought Yena and her cousins to the cinema to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. It was their first time together so it was total riot. They were laughing so hard on every scene, the younger ones don’t like wearing their 3D glasses but Yena enjoyed it a lot. The bigger ones asked for another movie date after the film ended.

Yena and her cousins after watching Kung Fu Panda 2

It was a nice experience to watch with the kids, where everything seems so funny! It was hard to pacify them at a time when they want to eat, laugh and drink all at the same time while you would hear the crowd saying sssssshhhhh. Children can really be so loud at the cinema!

Summer class graduation

After a month of summer class, yena and her cousins graduated at the Day Care Center last Saturday. Aside from learning a lot of songs and poems, yena learned to love dancing even more.

When it’s their turn to dance at the stage, she didn’t hesitate to get up and dance with her cousin Eya.

I am just a proud mom when the teacher finally gave us her diploma! ^_^

On Childhood Crushes

I was so surprised when my niece Gy told me about Yena’s crush. While Gy was telling yena’s story about the little boy, my daughter Yena was smiling sheepishly beside her. I cannot understand how I felt about my 3 yr old daughter having a crush at this early!

So I talked to her that when the boy tried to hold her hands once again, she should tell him not to do it or else her Daddy will get mad. And having a crush at her age isn’t advised. Little girls should be busy about anything else except having a ‘crush’. I told her it is OK to have a crush when she’s old enough, maybe after ten years or so?!

I know she got what I meant coz every time her cousins would tease her of the ‘crush’ she would tell them to keep quiet or else be answerable to her daddy. ^^

First day of Kinder Class

We enrolled Yena and her cousin Yael for Nursery class but since they were only three students on Nursery the teacher decided to join them to the Kinder class. And that's her picture on the first day of her class.


Clarissa July 5, 2011 at 6:11 AM  

Ang kulet ng mga bulilit sa first pic!Gusto ko ang uniform pic ni Yenggay,cute!

Halata naman na malaki tyan mo dear~I wonder talaga kung bakit walang may nagpapaupo sa yo sa bus?hayss..

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