Friday, June 10, 2011

Convenience of Filing Taxes Electronically

We people usually embrace instant things as we always crave for convenience and comfort about just anything we do especially if it has something to do with our job. Only if we can finish things in just one click we would really probably do it in a manner that is as quick as possible so we can have more time to relax and we can avoid getting stress.

Just like us being an accountant, we maximize the use of computer to aid us accomplished our everyday reporting task. We make ourselves very much familiar about any of the properties of Microsoft excel to help us provide fast but accurate reports.

One of the hassles that we have as workers is our responsibility to pay taxes. At times we even need to fill up and submit a tax extension form manually and even personally submit it to government agency. Though I guess it is better this time than what we have before when everything was really manual in its sense. At least now we can do filing taxes electronically which does not even require personal appearance.

Maybe when my daughter boyeng grew up and get matured enough on this, probably the process would even get quicker and faster than ever.


OSeƱorita June 11, 2011 at 1:58 AM  

It's a good thing that our government is catching up with today's technology. No more long lines. And no more follow-ups the next day.

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