Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Choosing the Best Baby Christening Gifts

I was 7 months pregnant when my officemate gave me a nice bracelet with color red Swarovski as a design. She said, that’s her gift for the baby girl that I will be delivering very soon. The thought that someone gave the baby a gift even before she came out of this world is ecstatic, more than the gift it’s the thought that touched me most.

Right after she was born, we see to it that my little baby girl should wear that bracelet. And she has been wearing it since then. She is three years old now. You see, jewelries are nice gifts as it not only has ‘monetary’ values but sentimental values as well. It can last for a lifetime!

There was a time when I would order Swarovski bracelets and give them as gifts to my nieces and goddaughters on their birthdays or christening. It isn’t hard getting them online, there are children’s jewellery sites you can check out. Selecting the design on jewelries isn’t as hard as shopping for clothes, you just have to know the recipients favorite color or birth stone and you’re off for a good buy.

For baby christening gift ideas for baby girls, I prefer handing them down cute little earrings with their birth stones in it. It sure would last until even after their toddler years. It’s also cute to give them bracelets of simple design. For a boy, a nice necklace with his initials would do. If you’re one of those shoppers who asked for discounts, check out special offers, you might see what you have been looking for but with a markdown price.


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