Friday, May 20, 2011

Yena’s Going to School!

My sister Aya brought Yena and her kids Eya and Yael for a summer class in a Day Care Center near our place. She said, yena cried the first time she went inside the room. But the next day she seemed to be enjoying the class.

So when Aya decided that her eldest daughter Eya will be enrolled this year, Yena and her cousin Yael would like to be enrolled too. Now the three kids will be going to school! Yay

Yena and yael rarely write. All they do with their notebook and pencil is that they scribble and doodle. But they both are eager to learn. They all love to sing and recite poems. I think the summer class encouraged them to study earlier. They enjoyed the one hour of fun every day.

One night, I was asked by my daughter Yena if I can send her to school. Afraid to break her heart, I asked permission the next day from my boss to take a half day leave. I surprised her and send her to school one fine afternoon. And I saw how much she loves to be in that class. They exercise, dance and sing. They draw. They do some arts and learn to listen to new stories. The one hour seems to pass away so fast. I know now why she loves to go to school.

Oh I wish I can be a work at home mom or just stay at home so I can send her to school every day. Now I just have to content myself for our night time bonding while coloring her books or reading her stories.


Clarissa May 20, 2011 at 3:04 PM  

Gosh ang bilis naman ng panahon~nag-aaral na pala si Yenggay!Give Yena ang hug for me!!

OSeñorita June 4, 2011 at 1:07 AM  

Kids really do grow up fast these days. They are more eager to learn. Parents should nurture that and be supportive and encouraging during this stage. So that, children will enjoy it more.

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