Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Sister is Excited

I am so proud of my daughter Yena. ON the night we told her that she will be a big sister soon, she has transformed into a loving daughter all the more. Nightly she would kiss my tummy and says I love you baby. She doesn’t want to be called ‘baby’ anymore. She loves to be called Ate.

Last night, she asked me how she came out of this world. I told her the narration with a comic twist and she was laughing all the time. It is easier to tell her how I brought her out into this world cause she sees my stitches in my tummy. I told her the doctor got her out directly from my tummy and since I was asleep, the doctor handed her to her daddy. She was all smiling with that little narration.

The problem lies on where the baby would sleep. She doesn’t want to give her space and said I can sleep beside the baby just as long as she sleeps on her area (at the top of the pull out bed.) sighs. I wish we can have a bigger house soon so I can put up a nursery for baby number 2, another room for the big sister and another room for husband and i.

Oh, well I guess the right time will come for that. Wink.


Grace Arreza May 2, 2011 at 6:15 PM  

Ohhh... she will be a sweet ate to her upcoming little baby.

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