Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just another Wish

I have always been regarded by my friends as over-acting but sometimes they just misinterpret things and confuse it by my artistic personality. I am undeniably emotional but I am also simply sentimental and sometimes overly creative.

More often than not, I always want out things inspired by my own preference or sometimes I want them applied of something with personal touch. Especially at home, I had our wall painted with my favorite color of purple. Lately, I am thinking of buying a lighting fixture. I want art deco lighting or some sort of pendant lighting over our dining table. I also would like to have outdoor wall sconces which are a kind of wrought iron lighting to be placed just beside our main door. And of course, just like what I am usually seeing from my friend’s houses I also want those type of fans for our living room, just like the traditional lighting, not just to illuminate the house but also to add some sense of atmosphere.

There really are a lot of things I am dreaming and imagining for our humble abode. With all of these fixed expenses lined-up regularly, it is but unfeasible these days. Little by little, I guess we will be able to get hold of our everyday wishes.

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