Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Housing Plans

Yobib and I have been stretching our bones at work to give our little Yena a good future. Not only that, we have been planning to take a big step by having our own house. We can probably start with two bedrooms, one for me and one for Yena. She will have to sleep with us though for the meantime. Then, once she graduates from being a kid, then, will have her own room.

We are living our lives separate from our parents, however, moving out into a bigger house is definitely a dream come true. We want to have a space depending on its function --- there is room for cooking and dining, a room for recreation and a room for receiving visitors, like that.

One big consideration is the mortgage. I wish we are veterans so we can apply for the VA Streamline Refinance. To refinance VA home loans means to lower the interest rates of existing loan and reduce the monthly payments. I do not have to worry of paying burdensome dues since it works for me. The application is never a lengthy process, quick and no paperwork to be done. Remember, the long investigations done by other financing organizations? Oh, with this one, no income or employment verifications, just be sure, your existing mortgage is timely paid. You can also miss the payment for up to two months!

Well, since we are not a veteran, why don’t I just ask Yobib to come and join the military forces? I heard there is Military VA Loan, well, few decades from now, we can actually file for loan. What do you think? Good idea, eh?


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