Thursday, October 7, 2010

Child Friendly Beach Resort in Bohol

Bohol is one of the best vacation places in the Philippines. It is famous for different tourist spots that lurk in its province. Bohol has a rich history and beautiful white sand beaches.

Places to Visit:

Chocolate Hills. This is the famous formation of limestone which is the most visited spot in Carmen, Bohol. They look like little chocolate mountains when you are on top of one of them.

Loboc River. There are river cruises and floating restaurants that offer good sea dishes and while enjoying your lunch, a band plays Bisaya songs, welcoming you to their little paradise.

Panglao Island. The famous Panglao Island has white sand beaches that travellers can enjoy under the sun.

view from Whites and Greens Beach Resort

Where to stay:

If you don't have a family or friend in Bohol where you can stay, White and Greens Beach Resort is a place to stay. Accommodation and amenities varies from different hotels in Bohol, but White and Greens Beach Resort have many to mention. Not all beach hotels offer free accommodations for children under ten years old, so this beach resort is a good choice if you have children coming with you. You will probably like to stay here and be at ease because they have an In-House Physician too.


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