Monday, August 16, 2010

Wanted: Model Mom

Every mom in the world looks forward to growing smart kids. She takes necessary routines to develop the brain of the baby even if he still in the womb. How eager she reads aloud enlightening books so that the baby can hear and grasp ideas. She even plays classical music by Beethoven as it is proven to affect positively on the sweet angel. As much as possible, she does not expose herself into any kind of stress whether psychological, emotional or physical when these can also influence the development of baby’s biology.

When the cutie sees the world, the mom ensures that he registers what is good and bad on his brain’s clean slate. He is given toys that are fun, attractive and colorful to play with yet subtly impose education. As he grows, he is restricted to engage on games that would corrupt his mind. He is enrolled to extra-curricular classes to bring out the hidden talents in him, to build relationship with fellow kids and improve social skills. He is tailed to hear masses to sculpt his spiritual pattern.

The yardstick of success of a woman, speaking of motherhood, is not judged on how triumphant is her offspring’s life had become, but how her child fought the world by the virtues and values she marked to him. More than this, she already won her battle and got the best jackpot some Casinos online can give!


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