Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pricey Doll House

Have you ever heard of a doll house that costs the same as the real one? Well, this doll house was extravagantly sold to an overseas collector in the amount of $85,000. This cute abode is made up of a number of rooms, all matched with complete furnishings and accessories including the grand piano in music room and mini-books in the library.

This tiny house measures 1.2 meter wide, 82 centimeter deep and stands 1 meter high. It was constructed little by little by Peter Riches since 1994. Truly, this is an investment of unquestionable labor which resulted into a favorable outcome after fifteen years. Should I sweep winnings in one of the lotto draws or hit the bonuses in US online casinos, I would never take a second thought in acquiring this for my precious Yena.


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