Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yena is Agua

Yena Dec 2009 Photography by Pehpot

Yena's new name is AGUA (from Agua Bendita). She always insist that we call her that name.. She is Agua, her cousin Eya is Bendita and her cousin Yael is Ronnie. I don't watch that teleserye but since my mother is hooked and certified Kapamilya, Yena is the number one fan of that network too. Sometimes she asked for wowowee at 7pm! Que horror. My mother has to remind her that wowowee is only shown in the afternoon.

The Real Agua Bendita

Last holy week, when there's an Agua Bendita marathon, yena watched it and she loves the little agua bendita, the dolphin and the sea. She loves water so she somehow relates to Agua. Sometimes i fear of the times she imitates Bendita though, she is already snob as she is.


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