Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aftermath of Saturday Jog

My whole body is sore right now. Husband and I jog around the neighborhood last Saturday with the aim of getting rid of the stocked up fats in our tummy. After months of not exercising, i hesitantly woke up early and tried to be a health buff once again. Well seriously, I love jogging with husband early weekends. We bond and we play a bit, and I love it.

But anyways, In our place, jogging around in the mornings seems alien. People were looking at us – or do we look like alien to them? Anyways, since husband is a fitness buff I guess he would like to try out the Tunturi elliptical that I saw in the net a while ago. And I would stop jogging/walking when I got hold of the Tunturi exercise bike – I will go biking instead of jogging. I am kind of excited with the thought. With that bike, it’s husband’s turn to run after me.

So while my body is sore, I am in front of the internet whole day today. I have been spending endless hours browsing about everything that catches my attention, from Men’s Health, women’s fashion, latest gossips and baby products etc. My body is quiet sore but my eyes aren’t! So I shall upload our jogging pictures later!


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