Saturday, March 11, 2017

Give the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

A baby shower is supposed to be a fun occasion celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new life into this world. For the guests, however, it can be frustrating and stressful trying to figure out what to get the soon-to-be-here bundle of joy. Thankfully, the following suggestions will help you stand out from the crowd and give a meaningful and memorable baby shower gift.

Fandom Related
If mom and dad are fans of a certain show, movie or sports team, it’s more than likely that they will want their baby to love it as well. Getting the little tyke something that is related to the fandom is a great way to impress mom and dad with a thoughtful gift that they are sure to use.

Make It Personal
Personalized baby shower gifts are a great option when you want to give the mom-to-be a one-of-a-kind present. What’s even better is that there are a wide array of items that you can get personalized, such as blankets, toys, clothing and nursey d├ęcor. These types of gifts are personalized with the baby’s name and sometimes even their birth information, such as date and weight.

The Homemade Option
If you’re really on a tight budget and are close to the new parents, consider making “coupons” as gifts. These coupons can be anything from a “free night of babysitting” to “making you dinner” and even “good for one house cleaning”. If you would rather skip the whole couponing thing, consider using one of your talents to make the new little one something special. For example, make a blanket if you can sew, knit or crochet, or make a piece of artwork if you can paint or draw.

Another Gift Ideas
If none of the above tickled your fancy, don’t fret! There are still a lot of other options out there. You can create a baby first aid kit by filling a container, such as a makeup or tackle box, with essential items that new parents may need but often forget to purchase until they need them. Products like a baby thermometer, nasal aspirator and baby cold medicine can be placed inside the first aid kit. You can find most, if not all, of the necessary items at your local department or drug store.

Don’t rack your brain too hard because the parents-to-be will be happier that you came to celebrate the soon-to-be birth of their child than what you actually bought them.


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