Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Arranging Accessories

While you're in your home, you might notice that some of your shelves seem bare or that there needs to be something on your end tables to bring them to life. Items like Willow Tree figures can be placed almost anywhere in the home to bring a little personality to each room. 

If you have a coffee table in the living room, try layering accessories. Start with larger books stacked with smaller books. You can place a small tray on the top book or a bouquet of flowers on one side of the stack. This will create an illusion of depth instead of just keeping a plain table in the room. Coordinate the colors of the accessories to match the rest of the designs in the living room. 

You might think that an area can be too busy with accessories, but if you arrange them in the proper way, it can be beautiful. A tabletop of accessories, such as figurines, baskets of flowers or a lamp, can be accented with a picture on the wall. Try to find a picture that will blend well with the accessories. A picture of a lighthouse behind seashells or other aquatic items would make a complete area for an entry hall or a living room. You could do an apple theme in the kitchen or another aquatic scene in the bathroom. Try to display items that match your personality and what you enjoy looking at instead of just throwing things on a table. 

A collection is a way to arrange items on a table or in a cabinet. Find something that you like to collect, such as Willow Tree, and make a display of all of the items that you have. If you have larger items, consider putting up shelves in the home so that there is plenty of room to keep them in one place. If all of the items are scattered in the room, you lose the focus on those items. If they are in one place, you can showcase your love for the collection, and others can see how much you care for your accessories as well.


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