Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Unique Fundraising Ideas for Elementary and High Schools

Public schools receive funding from the government, but if you watch the news on television, you'll often hear about schools losing funding. Students get stuck using out of date textbooks, teachers often have to save to buy school supplies and schools cut back on activities and programs that do not bring money back into the school, including music programs and art classes. As a parent of a child enrolled in one of these schools, you can work with other parents and teachers to raise money through some unique fundraising ideas.

No Bake Bake Sale

Bake sales are one of the more common fundraising ideas you might come across. Parents and teachers donate baked goods that the school then sells to students and others. A no bake bake sale takes that idea and turns it on its head. Instead of baked goods, volunteers agree to donate goodies and treats that do not require cooking or baking. They can make no bake cookies, puppy chow, truffles or dozens of other dishes. Ask volunteers to package each item in single serve bags to sell at football games and other events at the school.

Work for Pay

Work for pay is a fundraising idea that lets kids work around the community. You might offer a gardening program that lets locals pay a set fee to have kids from the school come to their homes, plant flowers, mow their lawns and take care of their gardens for them. While you can set the rate that you want to charge, you can also let community members donate as much as they can afford. This is an easier way to make money than asking kids to sell cookies, candies or other products around their neighborhoods.

Sell School Merchandise

Even if the school doesn't have its own dedicated store, you can still work with printers and other stores to make supplies and products branded with the school's name or mascot. You can send flyers home with kids that let their parents know which products are available, the cost of each item and how they can place an order. Schools can also sell those products at athletic events. You might sell a custom printed vinyl sticker or a pen for a few dollars or less and sell higher priced items like tee shirts and hats too. These unique fundraising ideas can help your school raise thousands or more.


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