Monday, January 13, 2014

Proud Moment

Dearest ate aru,

I cannot believe it when i saw your report card this evening but you have made me proud once again! I was nervous to see your grades on the third grading periodical tests since i was not able to help you review before the exams but you said you can do it - and you did! Look at how you aced your exam! All straight A. I admit i didnt have that grades when i was your age! 
But i noticed your behavior has also changed from  A to B. I asked you why and you said you have no idea. I understand ate, as i have told you before you dont have to perfect everything. Exams are just exams whats important is that you learn something and you use it to your full potential. 
You have always make us proud ate. Thank you for bringing home good grades, this make our sweat from work all the more sweeter. We love you ate! Straight A's or not, we will always be behind you no matter what. 


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