Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 Lovely Years

Dearest ate aru, 

Six years ago at 841pm our first miracle came to life. It was the night of the first of many firsts. I knew it wasnt an ordinary day since my OB said i would have to be admitted. You were just 37weeks and 2days in my womb, you are excited to go out. And we feel the same way too. The pain turned out to be the sweetest when i finally saw you. Sweet little baby who turned out to be the pretty little girl who loves food. 
Now you eat like 16years old! You act and talk like 18years old and you sometimes act like you're older than me. I wonder if we make you grow up fast when we enrolled you in grade one but you are doing good in school. As i have told you before, do your best always and God will dp the rest. And when you have to choose between being right and kind, always choose to be kind. Just like what you are to your sister Yani. You are kond and sweer ate every kid would wish for. I have said it then and i will say it again, you are the barbie doll i have wished for when i was eight. But you are waaaaay more than a doll coz you're real. Real in so many ways that i thank the Lord for giving you to us just as you are. I love you ate. No matter what i will always be behind you. 

Happy 6th birthday! 


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