Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Proud Momma

Dearest my ate Aru,

I still smile every time my officemate would scold me for calling you aruray, she said I have a very pretty daughter to be named like that. But that’s my pet name to you, I don’t know when it all started but you have been my yenggay aruray the past years already and I don’t intend to change that ever.

I promise to write you as often as I can most especially on special occasions like Christmas and your birthday but please forgive mommy for not keeping to that promise. I have been occupied with a lot of things lately and I can’t find time even to do it anymore. I am even guilty now that I wasn’t able to read you books nightly and I miss those times when we still can watch your favorite movies in your portable dvd. Please forgive me my dear, one day we will all do all that together with your sister Yani and our little baby boy Yllac.

I wrote now to tell you how happy I am for having you as a daughter. Remember when you went to school last two years ago because you wanted to be with your cousins? You started so early in school and you have performed a lot of stories, songs and dance to all of us all these years. Remember that you have competed to the Chamber Theatre and made it to regional when at the start of that school year your teacher was telling us that you’re too young to be in that Kinder class. I am proud that you were able to pass the written exam given by the school and that you pass the evaluation to be in Grade 1. Whew! Grade 1 and you’re only 5 years old. Baby you make me really so proud. But remember, do not be pressured. Grades are only grades and you have to be street smart, body smart and people smart. Don’t worry we will learn all that together. :)

I love you ate! We all love you. Thank you for being you.

 Ps: Remember that picture? That’s our second time to have a date at the salon and I know that it will not be the last. Cheers to all the salon date we will have together (and soon with Yani!) and to the shopping dates we will all have in the future. Can’t wait to spend my weekends of retail therapy and salon therapy with you and Yani. Really can’t wait.


amiableamy June 30, 2013 at 12:41 AM  

Checking in :-) Been awhile ...

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