Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yena is Three!

We have no plans of holding a children’s party for yena’s 3rd birthday since her 2nd birthday was spent with her cousins – eating their favorite cake and spaghetti. But 3 days before her birthday husband and I thought that maybe we can surprise her a bit. So we planned to have an elmo and friends party at my MIL’s house and requested the kids to wear red.

My husband and relatives made everything possible and that we only have to appear at the party by 4pm. To our surprise, we saw not only relatives and friends but a lot of kids we rarely know, hihihi. And they all wore red!! ^_^

Good thing I prepared a lot of loot bags if not, they will go home empty handed, hihihi. But yeah, aside from the parlor games, there’s an impromptu dance competition between husband’s nephews and a batch of kids. IT was so much fun seeing all the kids enjoy and my daughter very happy. She was so surprised with the whole celebration and she really looks so happy!

Next year, i shall look for a new venue and prepare a bit more. The look on yena's surprised face is enough to help me get by until i grow old. Lovely. Priceless.

Indeed a very memorable party. Will post pictures soon!


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