Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nurses on my Thoughts

Recently, I got to visit the hospital to accompany Nanay with her check-up. It was while we were waiting for the results when I started to take a look at a nurse in scrubs. What played inside my mind at that time was primarily, how well she managed to assist a line of patients with patience which I do not think I can do so. Three at a time may do so, but, more than that will surely stress me out. Then, her printed scrubs caught my attention. I was thinking how comfortable she moved, I can never just run or bend over with so much ease like she did. Then, I realized, that was the purpose the scrubs for women were made --- to freely extend one’s extremities.

But as I gazed upon a group of nurses walking before me, one observation struck me and made me smile. Even in the medical world, there is fashion. Long long before, I did see interns on white, blue or green scrubs. Anything stripes would appear like pajamas. But now, designs are all over --- checkered, stripes or any prints. The shades also improved that green does not mean moss green, it can be apple green or light green. The accessories also come in styles that go with the scrubs. Good thing that hospitals can have various options to dress their stationed nurses with distinction depending on how they would like them to carry the name of the hospital.

My thoughts wandered so long until my Nanay’s name was called in by the nurse who beamed a smile with me.


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