Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does Everybody Have a Handbag Line?

It is lovely that there are such great things in life as designer bags. Gucci, Versace and some other high-end Italian designers (as well as designers from all over the world) have given the world many beautiful, wonderful articles of personal style, in which we can carry around little things. Your handbag says a lot about you, after all. But it can get a little bit on the ridiculous side, when it seems like everybody who ever did anything of any note has their own line of handbags. Not that there has ever been a bad reason to create a new fashion accessory, but it can get a little silly.

A few years ago, Monica Lewinsky came out with a handbag line. She is famous (or maybe infamous) for kind of having sex with former President Clinton. Either they did or they didn't, who knows? But that proved to be her reasoning behind wanting people to have her kind of handbags. Then there was Paris Hilton's line of handbags, which emphasize her style of... what? The fact that she actually trademarked the phrase "that's hot," and expected the world to think that she is somehow the Queen Mother of hotness and style? What did she ever even do to get famous, any way?

Now we have Ivanka Trump and her line of handbags. Am I just out of the loop, or is a bit strange that a woman whose main claim to fame is that her father is a highly successful real estate investor should have her own line of anything fashion related? I have to admit that I'm torn. On the one hand, a girl can never have too many handbags (and my daughter is going to have her fair share, for sure). But on the other hand, what qualifies somebody to have her or his own line? Is just being famous enough?


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