Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Dream Cars

Sophisticated cars always catch my eyes. I have a tireless passion to drive with pride in one of those stylish autos. How I wish, someday, I could see the same admiration in the eyes of other people looking at me while I maneuver the steering wheel and show off “my baby”. Have here my top picks:

a. Mercedes-Benz E Class Sedan. It won’t hurt if I keep dreaming in owning a luxury car especially if it is one of the classy existing brands worldwide – Mercedes Benz. This car gives you a sporty and smooth driving with its powerful engine. The new edition was designed a little farther from the classic Benz by knocking out the famous four round headlights. This costs $48,000 to $65,000.

b. Lexus GX-460. Go for SUV! What I like with this one is it is a very capable off-roader. Its navigation system is upgraded that one can even send destination from home computer directly to the vehicle. It can accommodate up to seven (7) passengers. Prices range from $52,000 to $57,000.

c. Volvo C30. My love for sporty look never fades, not to mention, its fresh and interesting design. This one fits for a starting family. I learned that this mini-car is a comfortable commuter with its strong acceleration.

d. Audi S4. The beauty of its body can even speak for its performance, added by better fuel economy. Audi has introduced a bigger interior to provide more comfort to passengers. Don’t forget its electronic features including driver memory functions, voice controls and navigation system.

How I wish I could end my dreaming, take one of these and hit the road!


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