Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Savings with Macy's Promotional Codes

Using Promotional Codes to Save Money

Promotional codes can be considered an online coupon; when making a purchase through an Internet store, such as Macy's, you can type in a promotional code to save on your purchase. It has the same effect as that of handing a paper coupon over to a clerk during checkout. For example, the retailer 'Macy's' translated its long-term catalogue business into a strong online presence. Macy's promotional codes can be used to score savings on your summer purchases. There's really no reason to make an online purchase without first checking for existing promotional codes, unless you have money to burn. So, how do you find promotional codes?

Getting Promotional Codes

A lot of people get their promotional codes from online retailers through Internet mailing lists. But if you're not on one of those lists, you can still get your hands on them by searching and going to a website that offers them. You can also get a hold of them by going to a retailer's site and seeing if any codes are up for offer. Retailers regularly use the promotional codes to allow you to save on hot items, out-of-season clothes, or to ease up on shipping costs.

Promotional Codes and Coupons

Sometimes promotional codes can be used in conjunction with in-store pickup. So, if you live near a retailer that offers their goods online, but also gives the option of allowing you to pick them up from the actual store, you can save on the item and not worry about shipping costs. People who receive promotional codes often share them with others through websites, which is important since promotional codes have expiration dates, just like coupons. A quick search online can help you find such a website.


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