Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mouth Blisters

Yena told me her tooth is aching last Monday so I told husband that we shall bring her to a dentist asap. The whole day she didn’t drink her milk, which was very unusual. She drinks milk three times a day, when she wakes up in the morning, before her afternoon nap and before sleeping at night. Later that night, I saw that it isn’t a toothache; the culprit is the mouth blisters, again.

Since Monday, she refused her milk. She only wanted her watermelon juice, iced tea or her chuckie. That worries me a lot. But my mother, who take care of yena when husband and I are at work told me that she eats rice and soup and drinks plenty of fluid so there’s nothing to worry. I just hope that the blisters will be gone sooner than soon. She has sprays and gels to ease her from the pain of the blisters and I hope that by tomorrow she will be back to her voracious self.

I am only thankful that Yena is still very active kid inspite of those blisters, every night it has been a routine for her to watch her cds with her laplap. Now she has lots of favorites already and that includes bob the builder, about elmo’s train and cars. I will not be surprise if by next day she will tell me about wood dash, for sure she got that from too much watching!


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