Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yena’s current Tune

I am a proud mother. My daughter sings two songs of praise – glory to god and alleluia. Note: on alto tune. I want her to be a choir member someday, or join me and her daddy on our choir. Luckily, I can see it happening soon. Every weekend, husband plays his guitar while Yena is singing with him. Pure music to the soul and I am loving it.

Now we can bond through music. I wonder if I can persuade her to join me in blogging or browse through the T-shirt Guy blog, she hates it when I am in front of my laptop. But with the way she arranges our laundry basket nightly, I can sense she has some organizing style. So creating some custom t shirt in the near future will be easy as a pie. What with her love for food? I know she will do big on Food t-shirts business.

She got some good tune and is into organizing at this early so a little persuading and encouragement will make her what she will be best in her life. And I heard her singing bad romance last night, I don’t know what to react when she becomes the next Lady Gaga, oh my. But if that’s what her heart sings how can I say no?


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