Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thoughts about the Bisolvon Contest

I am so stressed. I joined Bisolvon Photo Contest last February and the voting started last Monday, April 26. Now a little 3 days after the start of the voting period I only have 12 votes so far while other are thousands away already.

I told husband about it and he told me to stop stressing myself too much with this online contest. He said it is like online gambling, you win some and sometimes you lose – it’s the rule of every game.

I told him I have lots of projects lined up if ever I bring home the prize and that project is for a good cause. But I can only do so much… I have emailed some friends already and some had showed support, I loved all the help I am getting while am drowning with all this stress. I love them and God bless them. But if this contest would give me insanity I think I have to head husband’s advice. I have to stop stressing myself too much. Now win or lose – I will be fine. Wink.


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