Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yena to Meet her 'other' Mommy Tom

From the first day i told Yena that her ninang Umma is coming she has been asking about her nightly. When she asks for juice, she will follow it up with; San na Mommy Umma? (Where's Mommy Umma?)Plus, she would recite over and over again: Mommy Umma, Yeung Lei or YL and Tita Kathy. I wonder if she got the excitement on my little stories that when the three arrived tomorrow we will go see all the fishes on a bigger aquarium, plus dolphins and tigers and snakes. And we will swim on a bigger swimming pool and the sea. She loves animals and she loves to swim - the little girl is so excited!

I wonder if she can recite all the things she has been telling about her other Mommy. When i ask her what will she tell her ninang she would say: Hi Mommy Umma! How are you?! Hi Lei (YL) Hi Tita Kathy.

Well i have to pack her things now. We shall be on BLOGGING LEAVE until next week. And we shall be back on saturday night.


Clarissa March 29, 2010 at 2:57 PM  

I bet Yena showed to Mommy Umma her talent in singing bahay kubo!ang kulet!kaka-miss din yun ah!

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