Monday, November 16, 2009

Pedia Visit and Bonding Time

Yena's MMR vaccine was scheduled by her Pedia last April 2009 while the Booster for HIB, DPT, Hepa B, Polio and BCG (5 in 1 vaccine) were scheduled on July 2009. Since both vaccines were expensive, i forgot about it. LOL

Seriously, we were saving for it (from our blogging money, LOL). So last saturday we brought her to her Pedia and she got two vaccines on both her shoulders. That hurts i know and i can't even look at her. Every vaccine time, husband should be with us to give moral slash physical support.. :) Yena resists her Pedia so much! When she saw her, she would say.. UWI! :)
After the two vaccines, we stopped by at La Salle's flower section and take this pic.. She forgot about the vaccine already.. :)
We spent the afternoon at the mall. This time to buy a little something for ourselves, it has been years since we bought something.. ! :D LOL
Yena's weight is now 12.5 kgs. Her pedia was laughing coz she is really heavy.. :) From her 5 bottles a day, she has to drink 3 bottles instead. Start of diet for the princess and husband doesn't like the idea! hahah


Mom of Four November 17, 2009 at 5:53 AM  

Mare, tama si Pedia, kasi di rin maganda ang too much milk sa bata, baka bumaba ang iron, ganyan si Roan dati, pinatigil ang sobrang milk..

Anyways, ang laki naman ng bag ni Yena, abot na sa sahig, ahahhaa..mukha siyang malaki, saka siksik na siksik, kahirap sigurogn buhatin nyan..

Clarissa November 17, 2009 at 12:49 PM  

Kaya pala when I visited your other blog today,napansin ko nga na parang medyo tumaba si Yena.Ang bigat ngang buhatin yan!!

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