Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where to Find Latika's Dress?

I am a fan. Yes, Slumdog Millionaire who bags almost all the awards at Oscars moved me. I specially love the part when Latika was being taught how to dance, with that very nice Indian dress. So I searched the net and found out that it actually looks like a salwar.

At this very early, my 17 months old daughter loves to wear dress. It is always a struggle to make her wear jeans. Now I guess it’s time to buy her a nice Indian clothes like a salwar, I want her to look like Latika. Forgive me but I really like Latika and the way she dances. Anyway, luckily there is an Online Kids Wear from India that I found in the net and my best choice is this Salwar. I wonder what my child will look like with this one.


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