Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easy as Sunday Morning

My husband and daughter plus nephew and niece after the sunday mass :)

Sunday has always been busy day for my family. It will always be the day of going to church, and it has been a must to do. My husband doesn’t fail to surprise me, coz for times when I feel so tired going to church he would tell me that serving God should never be tiring. How can you resist attending and celebrating God’s day when all has been given to you in each right place? That is my husband talking can you believe it? I have a very god-fearing husband, if I may add.

I have a catholic friend who turns out to be a Christian now. She has been very religious and for time would ask me to join them on their Sunday fellowships. As conflict of schedule arises I just cannot get a chance, but I would love too. Meeting Christian is like meeting a new happy and content person in real life. They have all the nice things to say, and I think that is a plus for making friends.

Well on this Sunday, I have to remind her to try this christian chat that for sure she would give a try. I have known her for being so friendly, and this Christian city chat room would be her way to acquire more Christian friends all over the globe. Plus it is 100% free to join; oh I can imagine her sweet smile now!


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