Friday, January 30, 2009

On the Spot Treatment to Colic Problems

For one thing I am most thankful about from the day we moved in to my in laws house was my Mother in Law’s tender loving care to my baby. I am a first timer to everything regarding motherhood so having her around is such a great relief.

My daughter is a very easy baby to take care of and she is always a happy one. I’m talking about how easy she is, coz every night when I put her to bed, as soon as I turn off the lights, put her sleeping song on and feed her, she knew from then on she should be sleeping. I had no problem with her except when she was suffering from colic. She would cry vigorously for hours that brought me to tears too. She was being fussy and irritable. That moment I surrendered to my MIL everything coz I don’t know what else to do. My MIL would put oils on her tummy, let her do her bowel and then after an hour or two she would be all right.

Now there is a brand tried and tested for instant colic relief that I should tell my MIL. This colic calm has been applauded all over the globe and is said to be safe, natural and 90% effective, a very outstanding product for babies with bloating, pressure, stomach cramps, hiccups, teething and even acid reflux problems. I learned that homeopathy has been used for over 200 years for safe treatment of immature digestive and nervous system of the babies. There is only one liquid formula available in the market that offers homeopathic remedy and that is colic calm gripe water that works wonder on ‘as needed’ basis, good bye to reflux, gas and colic problems! Say hello to Colic Calm!

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Maria January 31, 2009 at 11:23 AM  

When my baby was 6 months I have no idea about colic. My mother & father is not with me when I got my baby. And i felt really bad inside my heart because i can't help her stop crying and don't know what to do. We almost brought her to ER. But the only thing I remember is the Mansanilla oil i put in my stomach when i am pregnant. That help a lot.

Anyway, You daughter is so cute. I love her. Nakakagigil talaga.

I wanna know more about you. So I am tagging you. To know more about weird things about you. Just check it out.

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